Friday, August 26, 2011

Friday Foursome

Good morning bloggers!!!  I have not fallen off the face of the earth after my 30th birthday, I promise!  I am back and ready for action. 

1.  Baby Girl and I have now settled in our permanent home, well permanent for the next 2 months that is.  Birthday week went something like this: movers take over house and pack, I go to work, movers take over house and load truck, I go to work, movers take over new house and unpack truck, I unpack boxes and unpack boxes and unpack boxes (i think you get the picture), baby girl and I move into grandma and papa's house in c-bus for a 2 month stay.  Newbie has new house to self, along with our original babies- the furry ones.

2.  I had my last full week at my summer tennis job.  This was my first Director of Tennis job and I have been there for 4 years.  It all ended with a 60 kids tennis camp filled with tie dyed shirts, water fights and saying goodbye to one of my original students in c-bus as he headed off to college.  Start water works now people, it is going to be that way for the next 2 months...

3.  Baby girl and I are finding our rhythm here at grandma and papa's house.  High school tennis season is in full swing and the fast paced summer is now fading into a slightly slower fall.  I am not ready for the temps to change so please keep sending me my sunshine. 

4.  I have saved the best for last....  GUESS WHO GOT ON A RUN THIS WEEK?  Make that 2 runs!  Me! Me! Me!  (Can you hear the excitement in my voice???)  I actually got 8 miles in this week and maybe will get more.  I am contemplating a quick run after a short practice today.  I may just get it in before newbie joins us down here for the weekend.  Big tennis invitational this weekend that newbie helps with each year.  Supposed to be 80s and sunny.  Woohoo!  What are your weekend plans????


  1. Glad to see your having a great week. I'm training for my for Half Marathon and am excited but a little sore!! That's the only plans I had for the weekend and work around the house. Nothing exciting! :)

  2. I am so glad you had a great week and are settling in to your "temporary home." Enjoy this week too!