Saturday, August 6, 2011

a little time for reflection as i leave my twenties...

wednesday marks the big day around here.  the day i turn the big 3- 0.  what have i accomplished in my twenties??

well let see...

i graduated from college and struck out on my own.  new city, new job, new life!

newbie and i got married and traveled to cabo for a fantastic honeymoon!
i learned what kind of boss i never want to be and never want to work for again.

i figured out my teaching style and my niche in teaching tennis.  and i am beginning to exploit that.
i ran numerous 5ks, 5 half marathons and 1 marathon.

i played usta tennis and won about 58 straight matches over 4 years.  and then i retired from competitive tennis!
we purchased our first home!

we became the proud parents of 2 ridiculous black lab mixes- mandy and lily.
we became the proud parents of one gooberific baby girl.

i went to the us open in nyc!

after i became a mama, i started to become comfortable in my own skin. (something i think is going to be key to my 30s and embarking on our new adventure!)

i started my own tennis business so that i could stay home more with baby girl. 

i became the director of my own tennis program and watched it grow leaps and bounds each year.

i got to work with one of the most energetic and fun group of teenage girls.  there will never be another group for tournament weekends and pizza parties and tennis fun like them.
i became the head coach of a pretty good high school tennis team that i am distraught with the thought of leaving all those fantastic girls.

i have taught my daughter that when you don't like a situation or when a situation no longer fits your needs, don't be afraid to strike out and create something that will.   sometimes you just have to take a leap of faith.

i am one lucky running mama.  

in my twenties, i have met some amazing people and reconnected with some too!  

life has been kind to me and the possibilities for my thirties are just endless!

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  1. LOVE this post! Thanks for sharing. I didn't know you were a tennis coach - that is awesome!!

    Happy [early] 30th Birthday! May your next years be just as awesome as the past ones. And enjoy YOUR day!