Monday, September 19, 2011

Easy Fall Wreath!

With the weather being as cold and rainy as it has been the last few weeks, 
baby girl and I got creative.  

We made a super simple and streamlined fall wreath.  

I am a clean line girl and this wreath is the perfect example of that.

Here is what you need:

Wreath form to whatever size you would like
Fun orange ribbon: baby girl picked out sparkly orange
Brown ribbon to hang it with
glue gun and glue sticks for foam

Step 1:

Use glue gun to attach ribbon end and overlap to make sure secure.

Step 2:

Wrap ribbon around foam. 
This was an entire roll of ribbon.  I cut some from another roll to finish it off.

Step 3:

 Overlap ribbon and again use glue gun to secure. 
This is going to create a little bulk.  

This is what it looks like completely wrapped.

Step 4:

 Attach brown ribbon at bulky point.  
You can secure with the glue gun.

Step 5:

Hang and enjoy!

A simple project that you can hang on your front door for the entire fall!

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  1. Thats cute! You did a good job on that. I will have to think me and the kiddos doing one together. Thanks for the idea.