Tuesday, November 15, 2011

something unique

today i am thankful for something that has never happened to me before and i was quite shocked about when it did tonight...

the fam and i have moved to a small town.  a very small town.  township type town...  luckily we are near to a decent sized city but we are definitely residing in a small town.  baby girl reminds me of this when we drive down a main road and she yells out "pigs!" or "mooooo cows!"  she can see them at least 3 times a day on any adventure close to home that we decide to take.  

now we are not a no neighbors for miles type town but after living in c-bus and having 3 Target stores within 15 minutes of our house or a Panera with a drive-thru, it has been an adjustment.  

tonight as i was making dinner, a car pulled up into the driveway and the lady driving emerged with a welcome basket.  i was thinking, "oh! what a nice neighbor!"  she saw that i had finally joined the hubs up here and was bringing us some goodies!  what a nice treat!

but i was wrong...

she was from the city's chamber of commerce!  

and she came bearing all sorts of wonderful info and goodies.  drycleaners, restaurant coupons, dentists, hair salons, shoe stores... all of these wonderful answers to questions i had been asking newbie for the month that i have lived here!  we can now feast and shop like royalty in these parts thanks to the wonderful welcome basket from our small town chamber of commerce!

(now i am fully aware that most places probably do this, but i have never had one actually deliver it to my door before, have you????)

so today on November 15, i am thankful for the welcome basket that my new town brought me and the wonderful lady that delivered it!

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