Monday, November 14, 2011

sunday and monday all wrapped into 1!

kind of a blah day around here...  the rain is killing me and baby girl and we are both fighting off some type of cold.  not fun!

but i do have two things to be thankful for, not the less:

1.  i am thankful that today's rain is rain and not snow.  the hubby informed that by this time last year this area had already had 3 significant snow falls.  yikes!  working on finding a treadmill for christmas.  i think it is the only thing that will help me keep my sanity this winter up here.  without knowing anyone and having a real reason to get out of the house, baby girl and i could easily hibernate!  at least, i can get a workout in here at home.

2.  yesterday, i was thankful for subway.  yes, the chain restaurant.  i had a break between lessons and ran out to get a quick lunch.  as i turned down the street, i saw mcdonalds on my right and subway on my left.  mcdonalds sounded sooooo good but because of the overabundance of subway restaurants, i made the right decision... by turning left.  after i ate, i knew i had made the better choice.  yummy huge turkey sandwich filled with veggies and a big bottle of water (and yes even a bag of chips) that filled my tummy for around 550 calories.  and i wasn't hungry within minutes like i would have been if i would have chosen the golden arches.  

so i am thankful for rain and subway!  :-)  what about you???

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