Friday, December 16, 2011

Ho! Ho! Ho!

Newbie's new company has a family "breakfast with Santa" each year at their store.  This year we took baby girl with the hopes that she would not be freaked out by Santa like last year.  There was a lot of prepping about Santa and Mrs.Claus and how nice they were and how she needed to be good so he would bring her presents.  Little Mama did great!  (And btw best Santa and Mrs Claus I have ever seen!)

waiting in line with daddy

Hi Mrs Claus!  Not so sure about Santa yet...

She seems nice. I'll sit on her lap.

I don't know about you Santa!

Merry Christmas!

Baby girl got to make his bells ring!

Cheese with the doughboy!

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  1. Your daughter is so sweet! Mine will be 2 next month, so I'm guessing they're pretty close in age? Just found your blog... jealous of your treadmill. Enjoy the new toy!