Thursday, March 8, 2012


Good Morning World!

My little family has not dropped off the face of the planet, but February kept us extremely busy!  I have taken a new job here in northeast Ohio and the month of February was spent at various conferences throughout the state.  This is going to be a fun challenge of a job, where basically I get to sell tennis!  February was a quick tutorial in mama working for baby girl and newbie.  We are all happy that the overnight travel has ended and that we are getting in a groove here with the new job.  It is an interesting dynamic of working at home with a 2 year old around.  

I have been able to keep up running at least 2-3 days a week this month and traveling actually made it easier.  I could just get up in the morning and hit the treadmill.  I need to start that here at home.  That's a discussion with newbie for sure.  We are attempting to keep our plans to run the Cleveland Half marathon in May but life sure is trying to knock us out.

With the traveling in February came extreme exhaustion.  But that was not just from traveling.  Baby #2 will be making its debut in September 2012!  Baby girl keeps telling me I have an "itty bitty polar bear" in my tummy and that she is very excited for a "boy sister in sepwember."

So that news leads me to requesting your help:  I need some running while pregnant tips!  I finally have my energy level back and am going to force myself to get those runs in.  Does anyone out there have a half marathon training plan for preggos?  What tips do you have?  I will be 24 weeks at the time of the half marathon and will be doing a run/ walk combo. 

Hopefully the weather here is breaking and newbie and I will be able to do some runs together outside but this is Ohio.  Monday 5 inches of snow, Tuesday and Wednesday 60 degrees and sunny, Thursday rain and 35 degrees.  Who knows what the weather gods will bring??


  1. Congratulations! I would check the "Run like a Mother" blog & webpage for running tips. And their podcast too!

  2. CONGRATULATIONS! How exciting! Glad to hear all is well and looking forward to what is to come! ;)