Monday, February 28, 2011

My Monday

My Monday... has not been productive.

My Monday... started with a trip to the doctor's office at 8 am for baby girl's cough and ridiculously runny nose.

My Monday... has yet to include a workout.  But the pounding of a treadmill is on the schedule tonight.

My Monday... included a crying, whining stretch from 1 - 3 am by baby girl and ended with us all in the same bed/ room (even the pups!) because of the scary thunderstorm.

My Monday... has been spent saying "No Samantha" an awful lot.  I definitely have a full blown pushing the limits, wanting to explore everywhere toddler on my hands.

My Monday... needed some comfort food.  So I made "Crockpot Lasagna" and it smells so delicious.

My Monday... really needs to end with a glass of wine, but there is none in the house.  

My Monday... was a Monday...


  1. The crockpot lasagna sounds delicious!!!

    Will you Monday include a trip to the store for a bottle of wine?? :-)

  2. I would trade one of our wine bottles for that lasagna! Share the recipe?!

  3. It is on my recipe page. It is delicious! If you like spinach, add more than the recipe calls for. Now send me that wine! ;-)

  4. Hope baby girl gets better!! Your Monday does sound like a Monday!! :) Today will be better