Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Hello! Hello, Wonderful March!

Did you feel it?  
Did you feel the sense of promise that March was holding when you woke up?  


And it is wonderful!  

My February training was so blah after such a great January.  So March here I come!  

I just joined Tall Mom On the Run's Challenge: 93 Miles in March.  I am about 10 weeks out from my race and I need to get my booty in gear if I want to make Indy my fastest half marathon ever.  And I am way behind on my Run 1000 2011 Challenge.   

New month, fresh start, new me!

baby girl October 2010
  Just thought I would throw that in there to make you smile!
What are your March goals??



  1. She's such a doll!!

    My March goals are to complete the 10K March 12th and be my PR 1:02:49. Also to just finish the 10miler on March 26th......

    I will ck out the Tall Mom Challenge, but 93 miles....Shewwww...I have only done 31 since Jan 27th when I started this crazy idea to get more serious with running!! :)

  2. I think my main March goal is to get out there!!! Both Jan and Feb have been awful, in terms of mileage, and my May 1 half marathon is looming! :-)

    What a great picture!!!!!!!!!