Thursday, March 3, 2011

Three Things Thursday

1.  Super Excited to run my long run outside without a jogging stroller today!  10 miles by myself!  :)  Its a school day for baby girl and I am on a March break for my Thursday classes.  So just a run and not 50 extra pounds to push!  Woohoo!

2.  Our friends finally had some great news!  Their baby boy is doing great considering he was born at 23 weeks.  His mama got to kangaroo him for 2 hours yesterday in the NICU.  This thought makes me cry tears of joy!  :)  Please keep praying for them!

3.  March is already starting to look better around here!  The sun has been out all 3 days so far!  :)  Snow really is not that bad if the sun is out with it.  Oh goodness, did I just say that?  PLEEEEEEASE don't snow again!!!!!

How is your March going?


  1. wow 23 weeks....that is amazing!! And some people think they should be able to abort then because the baby isn't "viable".....this little boy is proof that is a lie!!! Stay strong buddy!!

    What does "kangaroo him" mean?

  2. She got to hold him skin to skin! :-). His twin sister did not make it. Mama is doing so well considering. She is an amazing person!

    There are hospitals still that will not resucitate at 23 weeks.... Rips my heart out!