Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I have been having a rough few days...

Have you ever just had a rough week?  One of those debilitating, non motivating sit on your booty nothing will make it better weeks?  That has been where I have been the last few days...

It all started with a trip to the eye doctor where I got my eyes dilated, which meant I could not get on my 10 mile run before I had to pick up baby girl.  Motivation went downhill after that...  No running, no anything.  

Friday morning I made homemade play dough for baby girl in an attempt to get active. 

Needless to say she was unimpressed... off to swim class we went.  Baby girl ended up coming down with a fever that day and only wanted to snuggle.  Who am I to say no to that?!?!  So no running, nothing...

Saturday I attempted to get out of the funk with a little retail therapy.

Cute right?

The adorable sign did not help. 

And then Sunday came... with SNOW...

So not that I have depressed all of you as well...  the last two days have been spent doing a lot of:

Cooking!  My first whole chicken!

All in an attempt to get me out of this funk.  Today the sun is shining and the 50 degrees is begging for an outdoor run.  Dinners are made for the rest of the week, baby girl is napping and laundry is going.  

Please God, I need spring to come and stay...  
NOW! :-)


  1. I'm pretty sure that on your least motivated days, you have more motivation than I do on my most motivated days..haha! Just take a breather, it'll come back to you...especially once spring gets here! hang tough, you got this!

  2. The funk has been going around worse than the flu I think. :-) I'm thinking about throwing spring a ticker tape parade when it finally arrives...and stays! :-)