Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Almost Wordless Wednesday

Baby girl did not sleep, for the first time ever!, during our run. Thank goodness she fell asleep in the car and I did not have to share my Shamrock Shake!  


  1. I was wondering if those Shamrock Shakes are good! I haven't tried one! Also, just caught up with posts from yesterday since I PAINTED the laundry room all day!! URGH!! But anyways, I feel like everyone is feeling the FUNK. I know I am. I didn't do anything yesterday except paint and could have hit the gym last night but instead decided to eat a cookie!! Please SPRING get here and stay!! :)

  2. I man, I WISH my mom ran with me in a stroller when I was a kid. I'd have slept every single time.

    Heck, if someone were to push me around NOW while they were running, I'd sleep every single time. :-)

  3. Shamrock shakes are a liquid form of girl scout thin mint cookies!!!!!