Wednesday, March 23, 2011

wednesday road trip!

newbie and baby girl in indy

who doesn't love a middle of the week road trip??  a few weeks ago, i convinced newbie to take today off so we could head over to my favorite museum in the whole wide world- indy's children museum!  (tomorrow i will post the pic of the real reason newbie was so anxious to go!) dora and diego have set up camp there for a few months and seeing how baby girl loves them, i could NOT resist.  

today was spent doing a lot of this:
if we let her, she would have just run through these for hours!
and hearing baby girl say a lot of this:

go! go! go!

her little mind and body were working overtime!   i hope when she snuggles down to sleep tonight she is dreaming of this:
ahhhhh!  dora and diego!!  look mama!


  1. So fun! Children's Museums are the best!!

  2. How cute!! Looks like you all had a great time!!

  3. AWww super fun! The Dora era was a fun yet fleeting one around here.